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Graphic Design & Branding

Brand identity should be distinctive and true to your company’s values. The brand experience we create reflects the uniqueness of your business. We also help to translate your brand to the digital landscape where people can connect with your brand in new and exciting ways.

What makes up your brand identity? It used to be just your logo. Now it’s colours, typography, imagery and tone of voice. We can help set your brand apart from your competitors and ensure that it portrays the essence behind your brand.

Business minded, strategic branding.

Extra Cloud believes that branding must look good aesthetically. The best branding delivers appropriate messaging to the target market in order to achieve a specific goal. Our approach revolves around strategic branding for commercial gain. When selecting from branding agencies in Melbourne, Extra Cloud realises our clients engage us to achieve a return on their investment.

Designing Your Brand

Brand identity is more than just a logo. Technology has given consumers a lot of power and made competition fiercer than ever. In just a few seconds, we can search for and compare different brands. Visual representations form instant opinions about a company almost subconsciously. Therefore the brand strategy is needed to ensure a positive brand experience so that your company is not overlooked during this critical customer research phase.

We make good brands great.

Rebranding indicates that the brand identity design is underperforming and a brand refresh can help. Whether it’s branding consulting or brand design, Extra Cloud has everything you need to transform your image.